Polaroid 35mm film was meant to be processed in a small machine sold especially for the job. There were two models, a hand-cranked one and an electric one that timed things for you. It was a simple process from the user's side, just load the film into the machine, load the processing packet then line up the two leaders on the spool at one end of the chamber. It would whirl and crank and voila! you had finished positives in a minute or two. There was a separate piece of gear for mounting the slides in plastic holders - without ever touching the film itself. The machines are still around (I think we have one or two at school) but the film, while very nice and lots of fun, had a short life span. I came across a few rolls fairly recently but found that they were no longer usable. The developer packets had dried up. Perhaps the film could be developed in conventional chemistry, but better minds will have to chime in here as to how that is done.