Cool! Thanks for all the ideas. The fee isn't to make any money for sure. Each of the Kids have to keep track of the expenses of each of their projects and do a financial journal (4H projects) so the fee is basicly just for them to have something to put in their book! I like the idea of only one at a time. Mabey I'll have a sign up sheet for darkroom times so I can give my undivided attention to whoever is in there with me. There is also going to be very little room. My darkroom is about 8 feet square (tiny!) and will have counters in an "L" shape along 2 of the walls. Not much room for any more that 2 of us in there at a time anyway!I want to make a pin hole camera with them so even those that are shooting digital will have at least one or 2 darkroom sessions for the pinhole images. I hope that they get as excited about this adventure as I am! I really think it will be nice for them to have at least one image that they made in the darkroom to show at fair. You have all given me some great ideas!