I live in Redmond and work in Tacoma. I could drop down on occasion for a vente drip or an excursion or whatever. Weather is iffy, but I do love excursions - I have 2 4WD vehicles, one a 4-5 passenger that will carry gear, too. It is good offroad. The other is a 2 passenger Jeep Wrangler that will really really go offroad (it's a Rubicon). I shoot LF, 8x10 down to 5x7. I know there is at least one other guy that replied to a post by me long ago about WA state sites. He has a web-site and seems to do mostly Olympic Penninsula area.

There is a member named Mark Noble in Olympia, but he is under the weather for now and can't get out. If we start anything regular, I'll be sure to tell him.