hi delphine

i have 1 roll of polapan left ..
and the processor ..
the processor i have is the electric one, not the hand crank.
if you are interested, i will send you the processor,
for the price of the shipping.

you probably will need a converter to plug it in ...

- john

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I have been given two different boxes with the following:

1/ Polagraph 35mm (instant Black and white slide film. High contrast. Processing pack included. HC-135-12. Iso 400)

2/ Polachrome 35mm (instant Color slide film. Processing pack included. Iso 40).

I know nothing about these two products but yet I am being curious about them. The 35mm film cans look like standard 35mm cans, and they have their processing pack. Was the exposed film meant to be processed in the processing pack? how was the film inserted in it? what were these slide films used for?

Any information about them would very welcome as I would like to know more about them.

Thank you