Eye protection? Maybe they should start requiring that at the salad bar and when they use salt shakers too... It just sounds like my camp where there is a prominent "always wear gloves when processing film!" sign yet I never saw any gloves nor people wearing them. Such methods are at best means with which to quell the fears or overbearing parents...but do as you wish.

I guess a lot of this depends on what type of program you're running. My first one I attended was one where they showed us the camera, gave us a roll of film, processed as a group, and handed us all paper from the safe for the first day. Later I did a shoot two rolls a week, process and do everything on your own class for a semester.

I second the "clean up after yourself" rule. Supervision is always nice with kids just starting out. Also have the kids care for their negatives and prints. And do not(!) provide a film washer unless you want your ceiling tiles ruined with "hey watch this!" experiments. Definitely keep small amounts of paper in the paper safe to minimize the fogging issue (it will happen.) If your main concerns are things getting ruined and kids getting hurt, you just need to minimize both. Supervision helps both, I don't know if you can do that though.

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One thing no one's mentioned yet, Rule 1 - EVERY ONE goes potty before entering the darkroom.
That would make me feel very awkward personally.