Hey! Great first post! Hello! Non slip shoes is a great idea. My room is so small I don't think running would be possible!!! All of my stuff is very used so I'm not too worried about things getting ruined. This is for a 4H group and I will of course check to see if they have their own rules. I do need to read my book!!! The kids are usually pretty focused on getting their projects done and doing things right so I'm not too worried about them messing around (especially if there is just one or 2 at a time!). I just want it in writeing so I don't hear, "No one told me that", later on! I will also post the rules in the room (not that any one will read them!). I mostly just want to make it fun. I've been looking for a few good books that I can loan out. I've discovered most of my photography books have nudes in them, wich I have no problem letting my children see, but I'm not even going to lend out those books to other peoples kids. Don't need that headache! Any one have good ideas of books to get for my library that are kid appropriate let me know!