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if you are interested, i will send you the processor,
for the price of the shipping.
Thank you so much for the offer !. If it needs a voltage converter as opposed to a plug adapter, it may not be worth it. John, I am sending you an email direct.

If anybody based in Europe had an autoprocessor, raise you hand ...I'll pay for shipping and return the autoprocessor with something weird and wonderful, and promise to take great care of it

For completeness, and in case somebody researches about polachrome and polagraph ; here are some useful links that I found since yesterday:

- Well documented and very entertaining, failed attempt to process a polachrome. Useful photos to evidence the process:

- 7 polachrome photographs processed in 2007, from a pola film with expiration date 1986.
In the notes on the blog at the following link, one user says that he managed to process in Aug 2008 a pola film with expiry date 1986: http://randomphoto.blogspot.com/2007...olachrome.html

With my friend Rachele, we managed to tip touch the small pouch containing the processing gelly. Out of our two polas, one seems dry at touch, but not the other one which got us both gagging.

Will update, when we manage to process.

Thank you all for your pertinent and helpful input.