I'm looking for some advice on the best lens for my enlarger. I know this is an open ended question, so a little background. Most of the work I do is on either 8X10 RC or fiber or 11X14 VCFB. I like doing lith prints in a square format around 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 that I frame out to 16 X 16. The problem I'm having is when I enlarge to the 11X14 paper and the enlarger is cranked up almost to the max with the bellows almost half way up as well. Not much room for anything larger on the eisle. I have a 80mm, and a 120mm lens as well as a couple of 40mm and 50mm. I've tried all the combinations I can on the enlarger difusers and something tells me that I'm missing something critical. This is a new enlarger for me, my standby is an old medium format Durst, but I'm limited in the negitive size to either 6X6 or 6X4.5 on the Durst. Any help will be apreciated, thanks.