Thanks for comments and I'm pleased you like the print. Sorry for the late reply to your
question but did not get back from Greece until late on Friday.
Yes Presycysol EF IMO is the best commercially available developer I can buy, I use partial stand technique between 9.5 & 11.5
minuets depending the taking light contrast measured with a hand held meter. I also use PMK, Pyrocat HD & even Rodinal for some films with
excellent results but always keep some Presycysol EF handy.
It is not just the developer that gives the results I want, its the combination of lots of things, like using high quality taking and enlarging
lenses used at their optimum aperture, precise metering, but above all knowing your tools and film.
As you can see I have turned into a bit of a negative obsessive, my aim is to make negatives that print highlight & shadow detail
without using contrast filters when enlarging.

Cheers JON.