I was perusing the local Craig's List and ran across a listing for "An old camera $10.00". I looked at the photo and it was a Graflex 4x5" press camera though I couldn't tell what model from the photo. I called the guy and went over and bought it. It appears to be a Crown Graphic I think because it does not have the focal plane shutter but does have the rangefinder and a Graf-lok back. Someone closed the camera before the lens and rails were in the right position and now the rear rails are slightly higher than the front rails and the focus won't work. There is a little rod that sticks out on the bottom lower left of the body near the lens that appears to be bent.

My questions:
1. How do you remove the graf-lok back? I have slid both rails on the back to the unlock position but nothing seems to come loose.
2. Is this a Crown Graphic? I thought those did not come with the Graf-lok back. At least my other Graflex which was sold to me as a Crown model did not have it.

This camera did not come with a lens but I have a 135 mm for it with the other camera. This body is in much better shape and I would like to get this one back into working order.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.