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I am very impressed by all I have heard about Tachihara and Shen Hao field cameras. I will likely end up getting one some day, however, I think that I would really prefer if the camera was smaller and shot 6x9 on rollfilm instead of 4x5 with a 6x9 reduction back. I want something like the Fuji GX680 (medium format with front movements), but I don't need an SLR and I want something more packable and cheaper, plus all the lens versatility benefits of a view camera. I have heard mention of a 6x9 Tachihara. Do they actually exist? If not, is there anything similar? A small, light folding 6x9 camera with movements and a Graflok back for a reasonable price? (Was a 2x3 Super Speed Graphic ever made?) For some reason I can't seem to locate a Website for the Tachihara company right now.
Yes, Graflex made a "mini speed" and later the Century and Pacemaker models in 2x3. I routinely shoot with my mini speeds, on a tripod for landscapes with various lenses.