[QUOTE=Fotoguy20d;769278]Did the rear guide blocks survive the abuse? If so, I think I have an extra set of rails. PM or e-mail me if you want them.

No the rear guide blocks were pretty well thrashed. I used the rails and rear blocks off my other Crown Graphic which was a perfect use for it. Now I've got a fairly new bellows and front lens mount and some other body parts that I really don't need. What I would like to get is the rangefinder link that looks like a tube that snakes around from the bottom of the right side facing the camera and links up with the rangefinder assembly on top. The plunger on the one in the camera has been bent almost to a right angle. I tried last night but I don't think that one is coming back. Or if the plunger and cable assembly can be replaced inside the tube then that. I would love to get the rangefinder working again.