I'm not sure what I should be googling in regards to these tiny screws. They hold my groundglass in (go through the side fabric panels for the flipup lid and hold down the bars that hold the glass) on my really really old speed graphic/folmer&schwing press cam.

Stupid me thought, oh hey I want a new groundglass, let's unscrew the old one and measure it. Yeah except I think decades of adhesive from the leather were mostly holding it all together - the screw holes are stripped, quite a few screws are not original and are rusting. My plan is to fill the stripped holes with milliput black epoxy putty, let that set totally, then drill with the thinnest tiny drill bits I could buy at the model shop (which strangely couldn't get me screws but can provide drill bit sets down to 0.05m or something silly) along with a modellers hand drill then screw into that.

They need to be flat headed screws so the lid closes on the groundglass. I think I can go without the point but I've not found any machine screws that are quite small enough yet long enough.

At the moment my groundglass is being held in by mostly gaffa tape :o

Also if someone could explain the rather annoyingly complex M screw sizes, maybe microtools does have what I need after all and I'm just not seeing it... though those aren't wood screws either.