The print I bleached was too flat and dark (thin negative, printed at max contrast in my color head), so I bleached it to get some shadow separation and bring out the highlights. It worked better than I hoped.

BTW, the print has been drying for a few hours now, and I can see no visible color shift from the control (unbleached) print of the same negative. I've heard of color shifts from ferracyanide, but have used it very little (and never with a warmtone paper), but at least now I know that this won't shift colors (at least too dramatically).

I just googled "lugol," and it seems like a concentrated iodine solution... seems like an option as well!

Like I said in the recipes post, I don't claim to be original with the iodine bleaching, but I thought that it might help other APUGers who don't have access to ferracyanide, or just don't want to mess with the stuff....

Thank you both for your responses,