Well, last summer I got a box including a Contax RTSI with 35 and 50 Zeiss's, a Spotmatic SP with a 35/3.5, a first Canon F-1 with a FD 35-70 f4, plus some various Tamron, et al. zooms for some of the above and various cable releases, flashes, etc.

Also included a 65xxxxx Nikon F with a 5.8cm 1.4... That was so dusty and the prism and focus screen were cracked so I had about written it off as a decoration or parts camera... but in the last month or so, however, I've looked it over closer, cleaned it up a bit, and now find the 5.8 is about a 9 (the glass flawless) and the F needs a CLA and a new prism (already replaced the screen) to pe pretty good. I'm about to shoot a roll through it pretty soon, the prism (non-phototomic), while cracked and chipped, is usable in the meantime.

That whole lot was US$45, or maybe 40, I forget. Free, pretty much.