Thank you Christopher for bringing this exciting magazine to us. Unfortunately my technical knowledge is not deep enough to match the requirements of the publication, otherwise I would be more than pleased to help you. For this reason, don't forget to drop here and there something for us, the beginners and the not so experienced. I really loved your article on fill in flash. Some kind of "beginner corner".

As time goes by, the world goes digital and "manual mode" becomes an oddity in auto-everything cameras, I find myself trying to answer really basic questions to people born with digital and willing to give film a try. By basic I mean really really basic, such as how to choose your first film camera (which means an used one, nowadays), how to choose and store a film, how to find a good lab (this is becoming an issue). For people like me that started shooting 30+ years ago those are no brainers, but for beginners those are real questions and you know the power of a failure at the first attempt to turn away people from something.