I just stared to study Minor White and find his Ideals in " The moment of seeing" extremely helpful. I wish the whole book where about White's teaching rather then just a section. Unfortunately The Moment of Seeing seems the only Minor White book widely available. The Library has no others, on eBay what can be found come at quite high prices.
Where can I find more resources at reasonable cost? So I can understand this man's teachings: I really think he has a contribution to the world that has been left behind.
I'm sure White like most if not all very bright gifted people had his flaws and struggles with life. I wonder if his unpublished manuscripts arenít evidence of a struggle to communicate or of some hidden self-doubt?
Not that the answer to those questions affect what he has to give us but I hope to some day know enough of him from his own writings to answer those questions.

Thank you for the discussion so far