And another point, with the admittedly expensive enlarger laser alignment tool, its way way faster to just pop it on the baseboard/easel and take a reading. You tend to use it more often and consistently when its very easy to do. I start every printing session with it, and most of the time I don't need to do anything but my darkrooms tight and sometimes I bonk the head on my head. Its very quick, and even tho it was expensive at the time after 10 or so years I'm very glad I have it and would get it again if it broke. I know, I did the same thing, did different techniques, laser pointers, bubble levels until I finally just did it and got it. As a test, when I got it, after I really figured out how to work it, I aligned everything the old way I'd been doing it, then did the laser, and while I was sorta kinda close it wasn't right on. After I did the laser, I checked with my old way and the adjustments made were within that methods zone of tolerances, it didn't show I did anything to it, but the laser is just so much more precise. Also works great for copy work.