thanks for the encouragement guys. The building is in a little bedroom community that is ethnically Hispanic and Afro American. We got the lease because it belongs to my partner's relatives. Somewhere down the family tree. They are Hispanic. We have not pulled any permits. So far we only have the electricity on. Officially! We turned on the water ourselves the other day to test the rest of the system and to flush the toilet. When we are ready I will officially turn on the water with the city. We have, as been mentioned doing all the construction work ourselves. I have 2 more darkroom people (one is a commercial guy and the other is a lawyer) that are helping pay the bills. My partner (he is a potter and artist) has a painter and video lady in his side. So, with 5 people we can split up the building expenses and so far, we have only spent about $300. Well, we did rent a 20 yard dump for $275 (we filled that up in about 3 hours). The place was trashed. It is pretty clean now. The next big expense is a 30 gallon water heater. My partner and I own a "handy man" type company here in Ft Worth. We install a lot of water heaters and the like. So it will be no big deal. Like I said we sorta "roughed' in the drain today. Tomorrow we will finish that wall. All the plumbing will be exterior and not in the walls as will the electricity. It will just be in conduit and run to where we need it. The bathroom in the darkroom will remain a bathroom but we are removing the sink and placing a shelf over the toilet to serve as a film loading area.
We have about 40 hours in the building of the darkroom. We have a lot more hours in the roof and general fix up of the building.

In darkrooms you can make them a fancy or plain as you want. I have had several darkrooms that were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Most of the rough darkrooms I have had have been really just closets or bathrooms. I am tired of that arrangement. Right now, I have been using the front bath for several years as a darkroom (the wife is VERY tolerant in that regard) with the hope that my daughter would move out and I could convert her room to a darkroom. About the time e started the darkroom in Everman, Tx, she moved out. Go figure!