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Dan and John,

I was thinking of something like Loctite to secure a 1/4 inch bolt in the bushing, using a wrench and some
'pulltwist' to remove the bushing from the wood. If there's a problem with the inside surface of the remaining
'hole' a Forstner drill bit might be utilised to make the new hole a little wider, and if required a maple 'plug'
inserted, cut off and sanded flush after which pilot a new hole drilled.... hopefully the bushing might
then be screwed back in with a small amount of epoxy glue on the thread to make sure it will be secured in

You do not, methinks, want to go pulling that bushing out until you see what it is that's holding it in--if you splinter the wood, you are in a bad prediciment. It seems to me that if it will not just come out; and it is rotating; then there is something that is keeping it in place under the veneer (if there is some on your camera)--my mushroom analogy.
Once you get it out without damaging the wood, then you have options; and easy ones, I should think.
I used one of those quarter inch whatever they are called to mount a homemade wooden platform to hold my Ansco View Camera on a tripod at the center of gravity. It simply required countersinking the 1/4 inch hole wide enough to encompass the flange part; and just deep enough so that it does not impinge upon the tripod head. Epoxy did the rest.