You will find the answer to most of your questions on the Azo Forum. There is a section devoted to Lodima. You will find that most Azo/Lodimia workers use Michael Smith's Amidol, but some folks use and like Ansco 130, Neutol WA and a few other developers. Dektol is not considered ideal for Azo. I have NOT tried Lodima with Dektol, but I found Azo/Dektol to have too green of a print color for my tastes. One of the advantages of Silver Chloride emulsions is the abiliity to shift the print color through developer use or various developer additives. With Michael's Amidol formula, increasing the Kbr will warm the print color.

If you decide to try Amidol make sure you get some of the NON-Chinese amidol. If you order through Artcraft or the Photographer's Formulary, be sure to specify that you do NOT want Chinese Amodol. While the Chinese Amidol will work, it stains the prints yellow and it takes about 10 minutes in the wash to get rid of it. 10 minutes in the wash isn't so bad if you are just doing proof prints, but 10 minutes to "get the yellow out" is a long time if you are trying to evaluate the nuances of a fine print.