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I do have a colleague who studied with Gassan in the late 1960's or early '70's in Ohio. He and I have discussed the possibility of workshops, so I think he might be interested in doing something with it. I suspect, though, that he'd want to go his own way rather than to teach Gassan. He's been teaching since the early '70's and there's been a lot of water under the bridge. Same is true for me. I've learned a lot since MW, and have incorporated his ample contributions into my own point of view.

That is the great thing about teaching: Take what one has learned, mix it with personal experiences, and you get a unique point of view, which the next person can build upon and then contribute to the next person, and so on...

I agree with you about the technical aspects. There is ample information easily available to anyone who would take the time to study. I am amazed at the amount of information I have obtained with just a few mouse clicks, whether analog or digital. But it is much more difficult to teach someone to reach inside and create photographs from what they feel. What little I have been studying lately about the great photographers from the past has helped me understand why I photograph what I do.

I really hope you and your colleague decide to do some workshops sometime. I know some of us need this kind of influence.