Agh, C-41 is easy! AND, so is RA-4, just get a color analyzer and a modified roller-transport processor. I modified a Ilford CAP-40. I can run my Cibas and my RA-4's in the same machine.

My main problem is the wait of getting a lab to do your prints. For weddings, yep, it goes to lab. Too much work, and I can always use my lab as an excuse when something goes south.

For my competition and personal/travel work, I do my own. I hate having to make time to get to lab or mail to the lab (and overnight ain't cheap). And, I hate the wait to get your stuff back. Especially when you only need a few prints of one or two negs, that's what got me started doing my own work.

Many times, I'll shoot C-41/BW AND E-6. The C-41 goes to lab or the BW get processed when I get time. The E-6's I process almost immediately. They give me a heads-up on what the final output'll be. (If you screw up the E-6, you can be a bit more relieved when you think about the latitude of C-41/BW.)

Plus, sometimes, a shoot will be "normal", but a Ciba makes the right color/contrast for what you saw when you pressed the shutter.