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Anyone have used old Hasselblads in streets or are they too "look my pro camera" type of cameras?
Actually, it's not so much the look of the camera as it is the "Ka-THWUNK" of the mirror and body doors popping open and closed on the Hassy that kills it for street photography. You may get your first shot if nobody is aware of you, but you'll not get a second.

I was amazed at the rangefinder phenomenon - how people really do seem to ignore rangefinders but get all freaked about SLRs. I haven't really tried my Rolleiflex TLR for that kind of work yet, so I can't say how much better it would be than a 35mm rangefinder, but I've expanded my Contax G system inventory for travel, I like it so much, and that's coming from someone who thinks of a 4x5 as a point-n-shoot.