(I have posed at LF forum as well, so if you are overthere too, then skip this...)

I have a really beautiful 14.5" (370mm) Cooke Series II portrait lens.

the condition on the lens is really fantastic, with a deep warm glow to it - it looks like a lens that havn't been used much..

However, the soft focus mecanism is stuck - as firmly as it can be.. which obviously is a shame..

I have tried to soak the soft focus with oil, but it is atill stuck.

The condition of the lense is so fine, that I actually don't think old dust or something similar would cause this problem.

on the back of the lens ther is a little plate with what it seems like two screws screwed into the glass (the moving part of the lense?)

I am tempted to try and remove these screws, but I think I have read somewhere, that they are there for a reason to begin with..
That Cooke did this , as the moving lense had to be placed with much precision...

So, my question to you is: would there be a way to make the soft focus work, without destroying the lense all together?

(I have another, slightly smaller Cooke, I can use.. so I won't risk too much..)

I have taken some pictures of the stuff mentioned above..