This one has a long story behind it, taken in Krakow and processed in my student flat in Scotland it must have gone through at least two airport xray machines in between! This coupled with my inexperience in developing produced an extremely thin negative which had to be printed at filter 5 for 3 seconds at f8. Luckily it looks good and turned out to be my favorite image of the trip. Oh and this one was shot with my Voigtlander R3A and 40mm 1.4.
It's a fine image. Needs to be burned down a bit on the left edge.

This one is of a nearby beach but again shows the blank sky some of you commented on earlier. In hindsight I probably used too much contrast but like the other photos there was very little detail in the sky when it was shot. It's probably best to use a split density filter when shooting but can burning achieve convincingly darker skies? (Taken with the same 24mm as the Architectural shots)
Darker; but how convincing? If detail is not there, one just get's darker blank.

Finally this one was taken in very harsh sunlight using my MG with 135 lens, producing a high contrast neg. While printing I found I had to increase the exposure so much to get the detail in the skin but then lost most of the highlights in the out of focus background. Would this be a good candidate for split grade printing? I appreciate this is maybe a bit complex for a beginner but I'd like to know if it's possible.
Were it mine, I would file the neg away and print it next year. unless there is a really compelling reason to have the very best print right now, my advice is to spend your time else where. It is not particularly flattering light; and if you get more detail in the shadow under the hat, what shall that do to make it a better portrait?

Thanks for all the advice everyone!
Keep at it. You have a good eye for a photograph. It's a gift.