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I had the 45 2.8, the 80 2.8, the 150 3.5 and the 210 4.0 'C' lenses. I would vote for the 45 but that's gonna set you back a bit. Get the 80 and let them get their feet wet and then branch out from the norm on their own. My $.02

Oh, and at http://creativeimagemaker.co.uk I wrote a review on the Sekor lenses for the 645's last year. It might help.

I am sorry I didn't make it clear. This thread was about getting advice on what lenses to get to build a system for my somewhat unusual 13 YO daughter. These are the lenses I have wound up with based upon the advice given and the economics of used lens. The 80/f2.8 was the cheapest, then the 150/f4.0 (from a APUG subscriber) and I forked over a bit more for the 45mm. But what a nice lens.

My last post was a thank you for all that gave advice, something that many do not do on this forum.

tim in san jose