I'm sorry Mike, but I'm yawning a bit here.

For us regular hacks that can't afford large format (big enough for contact printing anyway) we're just gonna have to do with the inferior products there are for enlarging.

With all due respect to Michael and Paula for bringing Lodima to fruition, (and considerable respect should be paid to them for that), but that's just a childish sandbox comment that is completely unnecessary. There are many products that are good enough.

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Just a quick word,
we are at Michael and Paula's workshop and he has printed both new and old paper. the only difference we see at all is the speed and that is faster. He printed some of our negatives and did everything from flash to water bath with it and it is just a time difference. We have a beautiful chloride paper again to print our contact prints. If you think you can get as good a print enlarging, you can't and this new paper will show that.

michael andersen