A Kodak Brownie #2 box camera will take 120 film. Kodak #2 cameras of all ilk take 120 film. Beware of the 2A, it takes 116 film, you don't want that. I have a couple of Brownie Target Six-20 box cameras. They take 620 film. It is a PITA to respool the 120 film onto the 620 spool, but I do it only because I have the camera and it takes a reasonably good picture with the meniscus lens. I took my camera apart and cleaned out the seventy plus years of dust and grime which had built up on the viewfinder and lens. Good luck with whatever you decide on. I recently acquired a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Auto Graflex. I had to completely disassemble the shutter to get it working, but am now using it.