Sorry i can't post any pictures but I don't have a digital camera yet. I have a Certotrop 9x12cm. The Certo holders are very similar in appearance to Ian's Orion/Rodenstock holders way back in the beginning of this discussion. The measurements are 100mm wide by 150mm long with a 5mm locating lip. I also have Kodak and Zeiss Ikon 665/7 holders that fit, each having the same dimensions as the Certo holders, although there is a slight variation on the way the long edges are formed. Instead of a plain flat edge, the Kodak and Zeiss holders have a groove running along each side up to 5mm or so from the top, where the locating lip would be on the Certo holders. Different appearance, same functionality.
My Patent Etui 9X12cm takes 100mm by 140mm holders with a tiny 1mm locating lip at the top. Although the overall width is the same as the Certo, Kodak, and Zeiss holders, the latter holders will not slide freely into the Patent Etui because the width of each tracking edge is fractionally larger. I am using 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch film sheaths because I cannot find 9x12cm sheaths here in the US. I also have been unable to find 9x12cm "IDEAL" holders for an ICA 225 and Zeiss Ikon Ideal that I also have. I keep checking the auction site and specialty dealers here but haven't had any luck. Does any one know of other sources in in this great big world that may be able to help?