Other thoughts:

  • Humidity helps. Fill up your print washer, open trays, etc.
  • If you use a wall mounted vacuum, vent the unit outside the house, or at least into an adjacent room so that any dust not trapped by the filters is removed from the area.
  • Used compressed air to blow dust out of the enlarger bellows.
  • Don't have any carpet or rugs in the darkroom.
  • Be careful about your towels which are really big wads of aggregated dust. I prefer flour sack towels.
  • Be careful about your clothes. Some can generate static and attract dust. Don't wear a terry cloth leisure suit.
  • Exposed wood beams on the ceiling can be a problem. Seal up the ceiling if necessary.
  • Don't use kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, or any other similar product in the darkroom.