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There are a lot of problems with Lodima paper. It will take time and work for M&P to get it right. Let's help them make it perfect.
Any problems I may have with it notwithstanding, I should state that I think Lodima is the best photographic paper in existence, including Azo. I intend to buy a good bit of it. It has denser blacks than Azo, and the color is spectacular. I would never forgive myself if I thought that my criticism, which I only put forward in hopes of improving an already fine product, had dissuaded anyone from buying it.

Since the death of Bergger VCNB, I know of no enlarging paper which I consider good enough to use. (Yes, I know that Bergger is marketing a paper, but it's not the same.) This is the reason I'm not making any enlargements at present. When I find a good enough paper, I'll begin whittling down the ever burgeoning backlog I have of 6x6 cm negatives that need printing.