I'm curious how people feel about the matte look of gum prints, whether gumover Pt/Pd or multi-colored gum prints. Any alt process, for that matter.

Anyone who has seen my work will know that I do this type of printing almost exclusively. I love it, but sometimes I find myself missing that gloss or semi-gloss surface of gelatin silver papers and c-prints or even (please forgive me) some digital papers. These gloss prints often seem more palatable to people.
I sometimes can tell by the look on my wife's face that she wishes my prints had a "shine" to them. This is especially true of prints that are not monochrome. A matte surfaced tri-color gum print sometimes looks a bit dull to the eye. And frankly I think I like these alt. prints better when they're behind glass.

I like my prints for their texture, depth, nostalgic, and sometimes impressionistic painterly look. Watercolor paintings don't "shine", do they? But sometimes.....
How do you feel about this issue?