If I have a negative which I feel needs to be on glossy paper, I make a duplicate with the correct contrast for albumen and print the new negative on double coated albumen paper.
A negative which has the correct contrast for Pt/Pd will be too contrasty for a good print on silver gelatin. Of course,the opposite is also true. That said, if certain staining developers are used in processing the negative, it is possible to get both a good silver gelatin and a respectable Pt/Pd print. Whether either is the best possible print is always debatable.

A negative for gelatin silver will always look too flat on Pt/Pd even if the print is waxed with Dorland's Print Wax which burnishes to very nice gloss. I have never had this wax change color or cause damage to a print.
I don't believe this wax has been available since the 50's or 60's.

Back to the original message in the thread, I only make gum prints when I think the negative will benefit from the painterly quality of the color and the texture.