From the linked PDF, I don't see anything "special" about the C41B developer other than it being LORR (Low Replenishment Rate), the developing time is the same. This C41 developer is used in other variations of the C41 process, it is only the bleach and fix and "washless" stabilizer that seem to be different. You can use standard C41 bleach and C41 fix and Stabilizer with your developer, but you will have to adhere to standard C41 procedures and times, not the C41B shortened times. Normally in any C41, you do not wash between the developer and bleach. This is fairly universal. The first wash comes after the bleach, and before the fix.

If your bottle of C41 developer is "Replenisher" when mixing up a working solution, you will have to add "developer starter" to make complete C41 developer, otherwise it won't work correctly.

The common Kodak C41 step-by-step is: (as I remember it)

Developer 3minutes 15 seconds
Bleach 6 minutes
Wash 3 minutes 30 seconds
Fix 6 minutes
Wash 6 minutes
Stabilize approx 1 minute