Anton, First let me say that salts prints can be very beautiful. And I would never advocate one process over another because it is all subjective. I also work in wet plate collodion and mostly print in albumen so I can only tell you what I see when comparing a salt print side by side with an albumen print. They are really two quite different methods. I also print with pt/pd using ULF film negatives. The reason I mention pt/pd is because both pt/pd and salt prints are processes that are actually absorbed into the fibers of the paper. Now an albumen print is more on the surface because the albumen acts as a substrate for the silver nitrate. This is why when you compare most salt prints to albumen prints the salt print will seem somewhat dull and won't appear to hold as much fine detail as the albumen. And that is fine if that is the look your after and a well made salt print holds loads of detail. I'm just giving you my personal experience when doing a comparison. Now waxing a salt print will help with the luminance but it won't increase detail and it looks totally different than albumen because it is a coating over the image as compared to a substrate that the image is formed on. With that said, I think both salt and albumen prints are both beautiful processes and I love them both. Personally I prefer pt/pd over most other process and it is also limited in what it will resolve, but that doesn't make it any less appealing. I would choose it over a silver gel almost everytime and the silver print would probably hold much more detail. Like I said its all subjective.