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Part of me is thinking if Rodinal can be used in stand development as low as 200:1, absolute concentration may not be an issue. The only doubt I have is that with caffinol I belive the working life of the blend is around 30 minutes, so a circa 2 hour dev time may be an issue.

Just need to rummage for some out of date B&W or if I feel really reckless I have a pile of poundland Kodak Color plus that could be sacrificed (Might be a step a bit far)
I have seldom done printing sessions to the point of exhausting a batch of caffenol, and that is certainly much longer than 30 min. I have even re-bottled some "fresh" caffenol and reused it the next day. The results from this experiment were less than stellar, but a few minutes in selenium perked it up quite a bit.