While in the waiting room at the hospital, I was looking for something to read.
The only thing they had was a super thick Vogue magazine.
I grabbed it and started to thumb through it.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the photographs. I tried to guess where the lighting was placed by looking at the reflections and tones. But one thing I noticed on page after page was that the models looked unnatural. I would even venture to say that they looked like corpses or zombies. Their eyes were airbrushed with dark circles. Their faces were expressionless. And their poses were a bad impression of a mannequin.

I wonder why that style is so prevalent? Perhaps it is just the current fashion that most are copying right now. Or perhaps to be taken as serious art, the models must look serious. Maybe the models should be thought of like an inside-out version of a solid black frame displaying a colorful oil. Either way they were unattractive and awkward to my eyes.

Something else I thought about was that the photographer was never mentioned in the photos. It would certainly be hard to gain any recognition as an artistic photographer. Meanwhile the clothes designers name is plastered all over. Doesnt that make sense though if the magazine is helping to sell the clothes and not the photos. I wonder how much input the fashion photographer really has anyway. Correct me if I am wrong but fashion shoots are a big production and are run by the art directors. I fear that some photographers only credit is to push a button at an opportune time. Well I would certainly like to hear some stories or personal experiences.

In any case they should really plan these dr. visits better to keep my mind wandering so much.