> It seems that the only thing that they DON"T want to discuss is PHOTOGRAPHY. I would like to hear how they've grown artistically, where they're headed, what they want to say with their work.

That's what I'd like to discuss too. Lately though I'm encountering so few "traditional" photographers that I'd be happy to talk with them about equipment just so I could talk with another interested, enthusiastic traditional photographer on the hoof. I keep mentioning this because it's really strange; it's as if they've vanished (locally at least).

> kind of student of yours for some time now.

I appreciate the kind comments but I&#39;m really no sort of guru. If I was my negs wouldn&#39;t be underexposed and my wife wouldn&#39;t say my pictures are boring. <g>

> try to make up in enthusiasm. -jdf

That&#39;s most important of all; it&#39;s what can&#39;t be learned.