I'd love to be able to say that my favorite 35mm camera is a metal and chrome bodied classic, but I have to be truthful and say that it is my Canon EOS Elan II. I've sold and re-bought one of these so many times...gone Nikon, back to Canon, nikon again, back to Canon, etc...

The Elan II feels the best in my hand, and I still think it's as pretty as I did when it first came out. My current body isn't quite perfect condition-wise, so I'll have to buy another so I can have a really clean one!

My 2nd favorite is my Minolta X-700. I was lucky enough to get a mint "Made in Japan" version via online auction a few years ago from someone who had no idea what she had, and I only paid $17.00 USD for it! I used an X-370 exclusively for 10 years before I got my first Elan II, so I'm used to the way the X-700 feels.

Lately I've purchased a couple of late 1990s Minolta si bodies at insanely cheap prices, and I have to admit they are fun to use. They are plasticky, but perform well and are underrated IMO.

My recently acquired (free!) Konica Autoreflex T is pretty great too, and those Hexanon AR lenses are nice!