I really don't need/want a system camera in 35mm anymore, so gone are the old Nikons that were second nature in use and delivered phenominal results.

Gone, too, are the Leicas with their accessories.

For me, a 35mm camera should be slung over the shoulder with a single lens for portability and minimal fuss.

It's hard for me to comprehend, but my favorite now is the no longer manufactured Nikon L35AWAF Action Touch. A crisp 35mm/2.8 lens with AE, AF and motor advance. Heavily built, as well. I love canoeing and surf kayaking, so things can get too busy at times to fuss with the normal camera routine. Underwater focus is manual with this model, AF just doesn't work well down there. Even when things aren't too busy, it's nice to bring the camera to eye and push the button to capture anything from family moments to fleeting photo-ops.

I've gone through the trouble of amassing three of these cameras...no telling when a 20+ year old electronic camera will decide not to work, best to have a spare or parts at home.

If I need to carry a bag with lenses/meters/filters and other doo-dahs, I'll grab the medium format rig. Bigger is better! Small should be just that...small!