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Any problems I may have with it notwithstanding, I should state that I think Lodima is the best photographic paper in existence, including Azo. I intend to buy a good bit of it. It has denser blacks than Azo, and the color is spectacular. I would never forgive myself if I thought that my criticism, which I only put forward in hopes of improving an already fine product, had dissuaded anyone from buying it.

Since the death of Bergger VCNB, I know of no enlarging paper which I consider good enough to use. (Yes, I know that Bergger is marketing a paper, but it's not the same.) This is the reason I'm not making any enlargements at present. When I find a good enough paper, I'll begin whittling down the ever burgeoning backlog I have of 6x6 cm negatives that need printing.
Now my interest is peaked!! Can you tell us how you enlarge on Azo paper? At the workshop Michael A. Smith did make a very quick allusion to the fact there IS a light source that some have used to enlarge successfully on Azo paper. Obviously, Azo paper is slow, and the light source would have to be very powerful.