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Now my interest is peaked!! Can you tell us how you enlarge on Azo paper? At the workshop Michael A. Smith did make a very quick allusion to the fact there IS a light source that some have used to enlarge successfully on Azo paper. Obviously, Azo paper is slow, and the light source would have to be very powerful.

I don't enlarge on contact paper, which is why I don't enlarge at present. The whole point to the post is that if I cannot get good enough enlarging paper, I just won't enlarge. I will contact print my 6x6 negatives, which can be presented very effectively on a 13x15 or 14x17 mount. And boy, do you get good bang for the buck with 12 images per 8x10 sheet.

There is an enlarging light source for Azo, but it costs about $3K. I don't know if there are any of them left. M&P have one. BTW, I believe Paula's small format contact prints are 6x7, not 6x6.