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Hi, I am very new to it so I hope that some of you chaps and chapettes can help.
Hopefully soon I will set a darkroom and start for the first time to develop and eventually print. I am a bit confused about the enlarger and I'd be very grateful for help and suggestions in choosing one and things/aspects to pay attention to.
I will be mainly working in B&W
35mm and/or Medium format (120)
the darkroom is actually a bathroom (so it's going to be a "temporary" darkroom)
Probably there should be more questions I should ask but being a very beginner, I cannot think of more right now. Maybe they will come later.
Many thanks for any help
The things that I would consider are the rigidity of the design, the ability to be realligned should that be required, the size of the maximum print that you want to project on the baseboard. I would opt for either a color light head or a variable contrast light head considering that graded papers will probably continue to decline in availability. Both of these light heads will allow you to print on variable contrast paper. There are a number of excellent enlargers. I happen to favor the Durst for my large format condensor and Saunders for my large format diffusion enlargers. I have used the Omega C7670XL for medium format.

Also of great importance is the enlarger lens. Typically you would use 80 mm focal length for medium format and 50 mm focal length with 35 mm negatives.