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Question 1: Does anyone out there want Polywarmtone back ?

Question 1a: If yes will you still buy it if it is sold at about the price of Variotone ?

Why am I asking when with MCC we will have a perfect neutral- to warm-tone paper and with Variotone we have a brilliant warmtone enlarging paper ?

Because.... we donīt have a variable contrast silver chloride warmtone paper which can be lith developed.
Also we had a long tradition with this paper in our company.

ADOX has purchased the Forte PW replicator (emulsion making equipment) in 2007 and licensed the technology in 2008. But sofar we have not pushed the project because of the high costs involved in dismanteling and mooving the equipment.
It will be a highly complex procedure to remanufacture this paper because we will have to set up the replicator in our factory in Bad Saarow were we will make the raw emulsion. The emulsion will then need to be shipped to our partners to Monheim near Leverkusen. There it will be finalized and coated.
The rolls then need to be shipped back for converting to us.

By the time we are ready to sell the paper the price will be much higher then what it was when Forte still produced it all in house.

From a German market perspektive Polywarmtone was the cheapest high quality paper available and thus successfull. In the US Polywarmtone was never really cheap and still successfull.

So feedback from US customers is valuable for us in the decision making process.

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Although not a US customer, I would welcome the decision to make PWT available in the UK as well.
I only have some Fortezzo museum left now which is fixed grade 3 and really miss PWT, it was the only paper I used and have found, with Fortezzo, no other like them.
If a viable commercial proposition I would love to have this available in the UK.