I use an Aristo cold light with a V54 lamp, which has a cyanish cast.
Last year I experimented with PMK Pyro (from Bostick and Sullivan) and Pyrocat HD and MC (Sandy King's formulae from the Formulary).
I found that the PMK Pyro worked well with the lamp for low to normal grade filtration (above the neg in a filter drawer), the stain is on the yellow-green side. The soft tonal rendition was nice when it was desirable. The higher grade exposures, however, were too long for me, I assumed because of the neutral density produced by the blue filters against the yellow green film (and light).

I was never happy with the results from the pyrocat testing. Too much to try to describe here, but I felt that the redder staining from the Pyrocat developers may work against the V54 cyanish light, producing longer exposures and in the end, the results were not what I was looking for.

I may resume testing the Pyrocat developer again in the future (I kept good records), with so many APUG members, such as Ian, recommending it, but I needed to get back to doing photography, my normals being Rodinal and HC110.