I have had someone offer to sell me his 5x4 camera but I am hesitant. It is a Sinar monorail, with a Sinaron S 180mm f/5.6 and a Rodenstock 75mm f/6.8, a number of holders and some odds and ends (loupe, etc.) He wants me to make him an offer.

My question is twofold.

1) First, I shoot mainly architecture, by which I mean exteriors of buildings and some interiors, very little landscape and no portraiture. Is is the camera for me because I get the impression it is more of a studio camera rather than a field camera? I am wondering if I would be better suited with a 75mm shift lens for my Mamiya RZ67 (my current primary camera).

2) The gear is in pristine shape and everything works excellently. What should I offer?

Thanks for your advice.