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That is exactly what Fancesco was saying. You fill that sucker up. I have been hesitant to do it this way because of the huge amount of fixer it would require.

The slosher idea sounds pretty doable though.

I hope you don't mind if I add a question to this.

I have been told that you need to dilute the developer more than normal. Is this true and how much.

Heck if the negs aren't moving I am not screwing them up.
The dilute developer is the only chemical that I fully fill my tube. For stop bath the amount is reduced. The fixer is in a tray. Once the film is "stopped" the film can be removed from the tube and fixed in a tray.

I dilute Pyrocat 1-1-120. This will build enough density range (contrast) in an Efke PL100 negative to allow one to print a SBR 5.5 negative on grade two Azo.