I have to agree with Ed. These are very good images.

I think there's a tendency to confuse fashion shots with portraiture. They're not the same genre. The purpose of a fashion shot is really to arrest the magazine reader for a second....stop them turning the page. I've done my share of head shots for aspiring actors and models and I always worked on the principle that you wanted a photograph that stopped the casting agent for a second. The reality is that a casting agent will go through hundreds of 8x10s very quickly on a first pass. You want your image to be tossed in the "next go round" pile so that it's looked at a little longer. Gives you more of a chance at an audition.

The purpose of these photographs is not as a long-lasting portrait, but rather as a means of grabbing the viewers attention for a few moments. I think these images serve that purpose well.

Bob H