Thanks for the information concerning the paper. With reference to the decision to proceed with the manufacture of the paper, what Adox MIGHT consider doing is what has been done with the reintroduction of Azo paper under the Lodima imprimatur. Adox might ask for firm orders secured by credit cards which will only be charged when the paper is produced, and shipped. In that way those who say they will buy and use the paper have already committed themselves. The company will then have some firm orders on hand, and at least can make an informed choice about whether or not to implement their manufacturing plans. If Adox does not receive enough "pre-market orders" then the "market" will have "spoken" and Adox will have spared itself unnecessary expense and effort. One understands that the current market for analog products is limited. It would appear difficult for any company that is involved with the manufacture of enlarging papers to know with any certainty how a "new product" will be received, and sell. Simply my opinion without a value judgement concerning the merits of the paper in question. Furthermore, obviously I am NOT impugning the motives of any here who say they will use the paper, and then might decide to use a different product. However, what would Adox do with the boxes of paper they make if those who have said they will definitely use the paper say "no thanks" after the paper comes to market? In the current economic times, can any company making enlarging papers afford to take the chance of being "stuck" with boxes of unsold paper?